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 August 2021

After 16 Years, TIRES Says Goodbye, Rolls Out Online Trucking Safety Program Development Tool

The Trucking Injury Reduction Emphasis (TIRES) project is coming to a final stop after 16-years of blazing new trails in trucking safety research, hazard and injury identification, digitally-mediated education and training, and online safety program development. The project designed a wide variety of free products to keep truck drivers, diesel mechanics, loading dock workers, and other employees safe on the job. All of our products will continue to be available on our website

Trucking Safety Program Development Tool

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Landing Gear

Image of truck driver using the landing gear.

This course teaches prevention of common shoulder disorders caused by improperly lowering the landing gear. See which body position is best to avoid an injury.

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Fatal Crush

Image of a forklift and a driver getting pipes from a semi.

A Washington State truck driver was killed on the job. This simulation discusses what happened. Review it with your workers to help prevent similar occurrences.

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Strain & sprains (musculoskeletal disorders)

Getting struck by or against an object 

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