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 October 2021

TIRES to FACE, Merging Roads to Trucking Safety

As recently announced, the TIRES project has ended its 16-year run of making trucking safer in Washington State. We'd just like to remind you that the online TIRES Trucking Safety Program Development Tool and safety training resources at will always remain available to you. These free products can help make your trucking workplace safe for drivers, mechanics, loading dock workers, and other employees. Use them to create a new safety program, improve hazard prevention, or enhance training.

Take the On-Ramp to FACE
Trucking Safety Program Development Tool

We'd also like to invite you to another SHARP program that is working to keep trucking safe. The Washington Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation program (FACE) investigates traumatic workplace fatalities, including those in trucking. The acclaimed program uses its investigations to publish fatality reports that detail incident context, contributing factors, causes of death, and recommendations for how to protect workers from similar hazards. FACE also publishes hazard alerts, data summaries, and shorter form narratives and slideshows that can be used in safety meetings, toolbox talks, and safety trainings.

You can receive these trucking safety resources from FACE by subscribing to "FACE Trucking Fatality Narratives" on GovDelivery, a web-based e-mail subscription system that sends updates on topics of your choice. New or existing subscribers need to follow the link above and enter their email. Next, click "See more topics," scroll down to SHARP, click the drop-down list and check the box for "Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) - Trucking Fatality Narratives." You can also sign-up to receive other FACE publications. Subscribing is free and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Click the links below for examples of FACE publications that cover fatalities in trucking. 

Fatality reports: 

Chip Truck Driver Struck by Passing Truck   Summary

Log Truck Driver Dies When Struck by Logs Being Loaded Onto Trailer

Truck Driver Dies after being Run Over by Propane Transport Rolling Backward at Bulk Plant    Summary

Fatality narratives:

Truck Driver Crushed by Cardboard Bale   Slideshow

Truck Driver Crushed by Hay Bales   Slideshow

Truck Driver Crushed Between Two Trailers   Slideshow

Data summaries:

Truck Driver Fatalities 2010-2019



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