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November 2018

Don't fall for it, is better to use a tarp station when tarping a load.

Don't Fall for It

Tarping a load to protect it during transit is hard work. It can be dangerous too. Every year many Washington state truck drivers fall and are injured while tarping and untarping loads on their trucks. Heavy tarps, uneven loads, wind, rain, and ice increase the risk of falling. How does one safely manage tarping without falling?

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Picture of Driver turning landing gear facing the trailer.

New Study Suggests Best Practices for Cranking Landing Gear

Shoulder rotator cuff injuries are top safety concerns among truck drivers. A new study in the journal Applied Ergonomics presents helpful insights into how the cranking of landing gear impacts truck drivers’ shoulder conditions. The study used a cranking simulator and motion tracking system to observe the biomechanical effects of cranking landing gear on the shoulder joints of research participants. To reduce shoulder overexertion injuries, researchers suggested the following best practices:

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Image showing where pain can be develop  in drivers shoulder and hands.

Recurring Pain Can Lead to Disabling Injuries

Recurring pain, numbness or tingling can signal the beginning of a serious injury. An important part of preventing these injuries is to respond to symptoms early, before they develop into a condition that
keeps you from working.

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Landing Gear Simulation teaches prevention of common upper extremities  

Landing Gear

This course teaches prevention of common upper extremities due to improperly lowering a landing gear. See which body position is best to avoid an injury.

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Transfer trailer safety

This course teaches prevention of common traumatic injuries in the paving industry.

  Transfer trailer safety

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Simulation to see if you can find the safety gear the driver is using.  

Spot The Difference

Chaining up a big rig, is by no means one of the fun things about being a truck driver. However, it's a handy skill to know. See if you can spot the differences between drivers.

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