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February 2019

Is your safety incentive program counter-productive?

Is Your Safety Incentive Program Counter-Productive?

Most companies care about their employees’ safety and sometimes use games like Safety Bingo or signage that reports safety records, like days without an accident, to encourage safe behavior. However, these well-intentioned incentives don’t always improve safety. In fact, using incentive-based prizes that reward employees for working safely may unintentionally lead employees to suppress injury and illness reporting. Underreporting to win prizes has two harmful side effects:

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How to develop an effective safety committee

How to Develop an Effective Safety Committee

The requirements
If you employ more than 11 workers on a shift you need a safety committee. Smaller employers may choose to have monthly safety meetings instead. 

Is there a magic number for membership?
There is no magic number or required number, but 6 members seems to be a common recommendation. If the committee gets too large, it’ll be harder to get work done. If you feel you need better representation across departments then you may want to include as many as 10. Keep in mind, that your meeting should last for less than an hour and that time can go by quickly when 10 opinions need to be heard.

How to pick your committee

Image of 2 people looking at a tablet like one is being mentored.

Have You Considered a Mentorship Program?

If concern over hiring or retaining drivers keeps you up at night, consider developing a mentorship program.

Mentorship is good for the mentor, the mentee and your bottom line.

Choose mentors that are humble, dependable and respected by other drivers. The mentor’s job is to sculpt a new worker into a positive and productive team member. Ask your team to recommend the best person for the job.

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How to conduct an injury investigation

This root cause analysis course is a process for finding the what, howand why something happened to prevent it from happening again in the future.

  How to conduct an injury investigation

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How to improve your company's safety climate.  

What is safety climate?

Safety climate is the new catch phrase in occupational safety circles. But what is it? And what does it mean to your company? Find out in this training:

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Landing Gear

This course teaches prevention of common shoulder disorders caused by improperly lowering the landing gear. See which body position is best to avoid an injury.

  Landing Gear training course

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