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November 2019

100% Chance of Winter. Are You Ready?

Fall is a good time to prepare for a safe winter driving season. An early start means taking extra care to check equipment, supplies, and work conditions to make sure you are ready when the cold weather arrives. Don’t put it off until frigid temperatures, snowstorms, freezing rain, and icy roads put you at risk. Preparing ahead of time will keep you safe on the road and keep your business rolling.

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Tips to live by

What Will That Decision Cost You...

Consider this. Your company has a policy for reporting safety issues. Your company has someone who investigates the issues as they are reported. As the manager, are you going to put more weight on the investigation report or on the worker report? This true story might help you reconsider.

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Tips to live by


Tight Squeeze?

Don’t risk it. Stay out of the way when forklifts are working!

Forklift drivers

  • Treat the 6-foot area around the forklift as a danger zone.
  • Always look in the direction you are traveling.
  • Don’t drive distracted. No earbuds or loud music.

Everyone else

  • Keep to designated walking paths.
  • Never walk up behind a forklift.
  • Wait until the forklift stops, get the driver’s attention, then walk up.
  Image of worker being pinched to the wall by forklift.

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SHIP Grants Fund Your Safety Ideas!

Do you have an idea for a unique best practice or safety product that can prevent workplace injuries to truck drivers or help injured drivers return to work sooner? Let the Washington State’s Labor & Industries Safety and Health Investment Projects (SHIP) grant program help with funding. The SHIP program is accepting applications for safety and health grants until December 162019, and return-to-work grants until further notice. Safety and health grant applicants can request up to $175,000 for their project. Return-to-work grants, which focus on getting injured employees back to work to prevent long-term disability, are in special demand and have no monetary caps.

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Chaining Up

Image of example of simulation one with driver with gear and another without.

The first driver seems to have forgotten how to safely chain his tires. Find and click on the safety measures the driver is using!

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Why Have a Safety Program

Image of character holding a safety program book

This interactive course teaches how having a safety program can keep your trucking workplace safe, productive, profitable, and clear of compliance violations.

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