By: Ace Guerra, Published October 14th

It is with great excitement we unveil 2 new training tools. The first available tool is an interactive Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist. The pre-trip inspection is a crucial part of becoming a truck driver. Before obtaining a commercial driver’s license, most states require truckers to pass a pre-trip inspection test. The CDL pre-trip inspection test can seem overwhelming due to the number of items that need to be checked. However, this tool will help those that are trying to become truck drivers or experienced drivers that need to refresh on their skills.


Click the image below to launch the Pre-Trip Training tool.



The second tool available is how to safely lower a landing gear. Over time we have seen injuries to the upper extremities due to improperly lowering a landing gear. This tool will help guide you through what body position is best to avoid an injury.


Click the image below to launch the Landing Gear tool.


Also don't forget that we have other helpful simulation tools. Click on any of the images to try any of our simulations.



Transfer trailer safety

This course teaches prevention of common traumatic injuries in the paving industry.



What is safety climate?

Safety climate is the new catch phrase in occupational safety circles. But what is it? And what does it mean to your company? Find out in this 5 minute training:



Prevent falls from ladders

Based on the true story of a driver painfully injured from rushing down a ladder.



Fatal crush

Use this true story to prevent similar incidents



Chaining up

Find the safety gear that the driver is using!



Lever vs. Ratchet

Is there really a good reason to switch from a tool that has gotten the job done for years?




Lifting heavy items can cause injuries to your back and shoulders over time. The driver demonstrates the pros and cons of getting the tarp on the flatbed.



Prevent slips

Slips, trips and falls cause many injuries in trucking. Changes in footwear, tasks and environment matter. Test your knowledge by clicking the slip simulation below.



Jump Force

Know the forces involved in exiting your truck cab or trailer. Try our force simulator:

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