By: Ace Guerra                           Published December 9th

Bad weather is coming (or upon us, depending on where you are driving right now)


Just some helpful reminders to keep you safe on the road:


Make sure your chains are in good working order.

Take time to check your chains for any wear or breaks.

Here is a drivers guide for chaining tires.

Make sure to always have emergency supplies in case you find yourself on the side of the road.



Here are some other helpful links in regards to inclement weather.


Prep your shovel

Snowed in

Are you ready for this

It was one of those days

A truck driver's winter survival kit

Do you see what I see?

Want to be a pro? Wear the footwear of the pros!

Don't let your footgear get you down


We have some great simulations you should review that deal with inclement weather as well.


Stay safe out there!


Chaining up

In this simulation you have to find all the proper safety gear one should wear and use when putting chains on your truck. This is for your safety and to make sure you make it home safe.



Santa Tarping

Lifting heavy items can cause injuries to your back and shoulders over time. Our Santa driver demonstrates the pros and cons of getting the tarp on the flatbed just in time for the holidays.



Santa Prevent slips

Slips, trips and falls cause many injuries in trucking. Changes in footwear, tasks and environment matter. Test your knowledge by clicking the slip simulation below.



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