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Welcome to the January 2014 edition of TIRES e-news, a periodic newsletter brought to you by the health and safety experts of KeepTruckingSafe.org.

Happy New Year!

2014 is an opportunity to start fresh, review your safety program and commit to doing all you can to promote a positive safety culture at your company.

New this month

Did you know that the majority of injuries to trucking industry workers occur at the customer or supplier site? It's true! And it's a real frustration to safety managers and drivers because it often seems outside their control to address hazards at these locations.

The good news is that there are things you can do besides just being more careful. It is in the mutual interest of shippers/receivers and motor carriers/drivers to work together to prevent hazards. In fact, the National Industrial Transportation League & Truckload Carriers Association combined efforts to develop a Voluntary Guide to Good Business Relations for Shippers, Receivers, Carriers and Drivers. It's worth discussing how you can develop mutually desirable business practices with your customers and suppliers.

Click here to view the guide at Truckload.org.

newWhere is the most hazardous job location?

If you don't know about issues at your customers or suppliers, then you can't work with them to prevent injuries. Hang this poster where drivers will be reminded to keep you in the loop. Click here for safety poster (307 KB).

newThat customer is going to cost you

An injured worker will impact your bottom line. When you consider that 60% of injuries to trucking-industry workers occur at the customer location, it's worth it to do what you can to prevent them. Click here for more information (159 KB).


Ladder safety via interactive simulation

Visual learners will take away more from a simulation. This one is based on the true story of a tanker driver injured in a fall, but will apply to many ladder climbing situations. Click here to begin.


One more thing - This is the time to check that all cabs are stocked with emergency gear: Click here for a truck driver's winter survival kit.

For more safety training information check out KeepTruckingSafe.org

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YouTube Don't Jump! Risky vs. safe trailer exit strategies on YouTube. Be sure to watch both Part 1 and Part 2.

Worth repeating

Featuring previously published training materials that are...worth repeating!

Winter weather: Are you ready for this? (752 KB)

Reflective clothing: Various materials

Review tire chaining: Click here for September's TIRES E-news.

Training simulation tools

Fatal crush: Based on the true story of a driver killed on the job

A Washington State truck driver was killed on the job a few years ago. This simulation discusses what happened. Review it with your workers to help prevent similar occurrences. Click here for simulation.

True story with tips: Fatal crush (157KB).

Interactive Simulation Chaining Tires

Two drivers chaining. Can you spot the differences? Click here to try the simulation. Scroll down to try more training simulation tools.

Compare the force of lever and ratchet binders

Compare the body forces needed to use a lever ratchet or binder ratchet to strap a load. Click here to try the simulation.

Test your tarping skills

Explore strategies for Click here to try the simulation on safer tarping.

Choose your footwear wisely

Slips, trips and falls cause many injuries in the trucking industry. Test your safety knowledge with the Click here to try the friction simulation tool.

Force simulation tool

Does it really matter if you jump or use 3 points-of-contact when you exit the cab or trailer? Find out with our force-simulator. Use it as a training tool. Click here to try the force simulation tool.

Need ideas?

Check out the TIRES idea bank for solutions to common trucking issues. Got solutions? This is a work in progress so send us your ideas. Click for TIRES Idea Bank. Click to send us your solutions at info@KeepTruckingSafe.org.

Safety materials en Español

Bienvenido a nuestra edición en español del sitio web TIRES. Estamos actualmente traduciendo al español todos los folletos y articulos.

Si tiene que moverlo manualmente —
Organize y coloque objetos pesados a una altura de fácil acceso. (223 KB)

Upcoming events

Click here to check out upcoming events in trucking. Let us know if you have a trucking industry related safety or health event that you'd like to add to the page.

Have questions? We’re here to help. Email us at info@KeepTruckingSafe.org.

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Together we can prevent injuries in trucking

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To learn more about the TIRES initiative, or to find more information about injuries in the trucking industry please visit us at, www.KeepTruckingSafe.org.

The Trucking Injury Reduction Emphasis (TIRES) project was developed by the Safety and Health Assessment and Research for Prevention (SHARP) program of Washington's Department of Labor and Industries.

The Trucking Injury Reduction Emphasis (TIRES) project team and the TIRES steering committee are working with the Washington State trucking industry to identify causes for the most frequent injuries to develop effective strategies for preventing them.

The TIRES steering committee is made up of a diverse group of professionals that includes: drivers, safety people from large and small trucking companies, labor and business associations, insurers and a representative from a publicly funded truck driving school.

Funded in part by a grant from CDC NIOSH 5 U60 OH 008487. The contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of CDC/NIOSH.

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