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Tools to Reduce Injuries From Slips, Trips and Falls

Taking the time to reduce injuries from slips, trips and falls is an important investment.


Simple steps such as keeping the yard clean, maintaining good lighting or donning appropriate footwear can be all it takes to prevent a serious injury.


Below are safety materials you can use to enhance your training program.


SHARP Program | Department of Labor & Industries | PO Box 44330 | Olympia, Washington 98504-4330

Phone: 1-888-667-4277 | Contact web developer at TIRES@Lni.wa.gov

Don't Fall for It!


Inspect Your PPE

Inspect your boots... (poster printable on letter size or 11x17 paper)

These boots were made for walkin' .

Now hear this!




Severe Weather

Put a freeze on injuries

Knee deep in pain

100% chance of winter. Are you ready?

A kit to fit a freezin’ season

Links connect when chains get checked

Tips for successful chaining

Want to be a pro? Wear the footwear of the pros!

Don't let your footwear get you down




Pre-Trip Inspection

Slip on Ice Injures driver’s back, ends career

Look twice

Making the connection




Cab/Trailer Ingress/Egress

Taken for a ride

Three-pointers gets wins

Knee deep in pain

Get a grip don't slip

Riding the door

Fatal fall

What tool do you use for climbing? ...poster can be printed on letter or 11x17 paper

Look before you leap!

Use three-points of contact when entering/exiting cab - poster ... | en Español

Prevent pain and regret, use care with a handle that's wet




Loading Dock

Levelling Dock Plate Injuries

Delivery truck driver fatally injured in fall - true story...

Preventing falls from loading docks - Poster can be printed on letter or 11x17 paper





Crawl on the haul - true story

Tarping-related fall injuries to drivers - true story

Don't Fall for It - Tarp Smart

Hold on! Trailer ladders are safety matters - true story





Yard tractors and harm factors

These trucks carry big risks

Load smart - your driver will thank you

Traction slips when distraction grips

Abate the weight

Liftgate hang-ups are safety let downs

What will it cost you?

Load-related fall injuries to drivers - true story

Load-related fall injuries to drivers - Poster can be printed on letter or 11x17 paper




Load Securement

Now you see it! Now you don't! - Poster can be printed on letter or 11x17 paper

Prevent falls while strapping -  Poster can be printed on letter or 11x17 paper  |  en Español

Be a pro - tips for load securement - poster




Hazard Awareness

Spotting hazards

Guard your yard

A safe driver is part detective ....Can print on letter or 11x17 paper

Force & ladders don't mix - true story

Terminal, yard, and customers site slip, trip and fall injuries to drivers - true story   | en Español

Your safety gear - poster


Check out Napo in No Laughing Matter, produced by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work.

From Safety Driven, Trucking Safety Council of BC: Report on Falls from Non-Moving Vehicles, 2012.